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A luxurious bathroom situated in the attic of an expensive new home,


Thank you for considering Property Health Services for your building renovations in Ipswich. Focusing on property maintenance and home improvements, our skilled team of plumbers, drywall specialists, and builders ensures excellent-quality results for every project. From loft conversions to property refurbishments, we handle it all with professionalism and efficiency. Whether it's wall tie replacement, kitchen and bathroom renovations, commercial clearances, or installing durable and aesthetically pleasing patios and decks, our team is always ready to give you what you need. 

With options for payment via cash or BACS, we strive to make our services convenient for you. Contact us anytime, as we are open 24/7 and offer emergency call-outs. You can reach out to us via phone, email, social media, or our online contact form. Let Property Health Services bring your renovation visions to life with expert craftsmanship and unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction.



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Type Of Service Needed

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1. This agreement serves as a term of business between Property Health Services (PHS) and you. The customer. Your address and personal details will be included on your invoice/quotation. 

2. Under the terms of agreement, Property Health Services agree to conduct the agreed work. The specifics will be outlined on your official quotation/ invoice. It will be down to you, the customer to ensure this outline of work is the correct interpretation of the work required. 

3. Completion. Following the completion of works required. You, the customer will have the opportunity to assess any work with Property Health Services prior to the departure of Property Health Services from the job site. This is your opportunity as a customer to ensure the work has been undertaken as per section 2 of this agreement. 

4. Purchasing: 

A. Should you, the customer, wish Property Health Services to purchase materials for the work required, a deposit to cover those materials will be due in full as outlined in your quote. By sending this deposit you will be confirming that you agree to the terms outlined in this agreement. 

B. Should you, the customer provides your own materials, or should materials not be required to complete any specified job, these terms will be accepted automatically on the start date of work as agreed in advance. It is your responsibility to read these terms when made available to you.

5. Payment. Property Health Services will invoice you, the customer for completed works. This invoice may be sent to you at the time of booking your work or at the end of the completed work. All payment terms will be stated on the invoice which will include, where applicable, deposit and full payment amounts. The date in which the balance is due will be clearly shown on the invoice. PHS, asks you, the customer, to ensure that this balance is cleared within the time frame stated. 

6. Failure to complete. Should work be stopped at any time once started for any reason by you the customer. You, the customer, will be responsible to pay all material spend and a ‘day rate’ in lieu of the total invoice. A day rate of this nature will be charged at £250 per day for any separate days PHS is on site working. Should PHS not be able to complete a job for any reason. These terms will also apply and where possible PHS will look to provide a replacement service to continue with your work. 

7. You, the customer, should ask at the time of booking if not explained to you, how many days PHS plans on booking your job. This is a guideline and not a definite booking allotment. The job may be able to be completed quicker or could take longer. This will not be reflected in pricing as you will be quoted a job price and not a day rate unless otherwise specified to you in your invoice. PHS will absorb any additional time on site if the job runs over the allotted time. 

8. Additional work. Should you, the customer change the specification of the agreed work or require additional work whilst PHS is on site, you may be subject to additional charges for any time it takes PHS to change the specifications, source or purchase new materials and any additional time this adds. Before PHS begins any additional work. You will be requoted either verbally or by way of invoice/quotation. All previous terms will apply to this new or additional work. 

9. Customer guarantee. Should PHS purchase your materials, we will hold proof of purchase within our records. In line with standard consumer law, materials that may become faulty or break within their guarantee period will be replaced through the supplier without charge. Installation of these items may be chargeable. PHS reserves the right to charge for any time spent replacing a faulty item. 

10. Customer Satisfaction. As per previous terms outlined in this agreement, you the customer will be invited to view the work to ensure you are happy with the work and that the work corresponds to the specification outlined. PHS will provide a 7-day grace period for any completed work. Should you, the customer, find any fault within 7 days, PHS will return free of charge to put right anything that you, the customer is not satisfied with. After this time, you the customer can of course get in contact with PHS to discuss potential faults. If these faults are deemed customer error, PHS reserves the right to charge for any repairs separately. Any issues reported after 21 days will be treated as a new work order and PHS will book this work in line with any other job and quote accordingly. 

11. Failure to pay. PHS understands that sometimes financial issues become apparent. PHS asks that you ensure available funds prior to work commencing to avoid any delays in settling your invoice. Any funds not paid within the time frame stated on the invoice will be subject to various chase ups. To begin with, PHS will make contact through telecommunication means to arrange payment. If you, the customer does not pay within 7 days of the invoice due date, a charge of £45 will be added to the invoice and re-sent as a late fee. Any payments not paid within 10 days of the invoice due date, without good reason or previous agreement will be subject to escalation. The escalation available by law is for a case to be made with the courts. At this time additional court fees and interest will also be due. 

12. Right to property. Until paid for, PHS will own all materials used. If you, the customer has paid a deposit, materials become the property of you, the customer. If PHS has supplied any materials that are not paid for in advance, these materials are the sole property of PHS until paid for. If means of obtaining full payment are not met in accordance with section 11 of this agreement. PHS withholds the right to remove any materials supplied. 

13. Third-party contractors. It may be necessary for PHS to employ on your behalf other contractors to carry out a portion of the work quoted. If this is the case PHS will make you aware prior to booking your work and PHS will work directly with other contractors. The responsibility of payment will solely fall to that of you the customer. PHS will manage the appointment and payment of the contractor. If you, the customer is unhappy with a service provided by a third party, PHS will do all they can to rectify the work, but the responsibility lies with the customer to ensure the third-party contractor is paid in full in line with their terms and conditions. These T’s & C’s can be provided to you at your request where possible. 

14. All rights reserved to Property Health Services 2023. Rights are reviewed regularly. Any changes to these terms during open work will be resent and reauthorised before work continues. Terms reviewed February 2024.

15. PHS is insured through Simply Business. Simply Business covers Property Health Services on policy number CHBS416967XB1. PHS in insured for £2,000,000 of Public Liability and £2,000 of Goods in transit. Claims must be raised through PHS, the customer is unable to start a claim themselves. Any claim request must be made in writing to PHS will aim to notify simply business within 7 days and will notify the customer once actioned. PHS is insured for both residential and commercial projects.

16. PHS has a waste carrier licence. PHS can be found on the Register of Waste Carriers, Brokers & Dealers with certificate number CBDL510212. Registration date 09/11/2023.


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